UPES Law Studies Admission Test (UL-SAT ) is for admission to Collge for Legal Studies (CoLS), UPES. It is one of the important law exams for aspirants apart from various other such as CLAT, AILET, SET. Thus preparing for the exam of such a competitive level demands a well-planned preparation. Candidates who are preparing for UL-SAT 2019 must know how to study so as to score good marks in this exam.

We are providing here the complete details about UL-SAT 2019 exam pattern and tips for how to prepare for this exam. Law aspirants who are preparing for this exam must read this page about the preparation tips for UL-SAT 2019. Scroll below to know more

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How to Prepare for ULSAT 2019

Students who want to prepare for ULSAT 2019 can also get the exam pattern that will be followed in the ULSAT 2019 exam. Also, along with the exam pattern, the marking scheme, important books, and the complete syllabus are available.

ULSAT 2019 Exam Pattern

  • Examination Conducting Mode: Online Mode
  • Duration of Exam: 3 hour
  • Number of Question: 150 question
  • Total Marks: 150
  • Negative Marking: No negative marking

ULSAT 2019 Marking Scheme

Sections Marks
Language Comprehension 30
Quantitative & Numerical Ability 30
Logical Reasoning 30
Legal General Knowledge 30
Legal Aptitude 30
Total no. of Questions 150

ULSAT 2019 Syllabus

ULSAT 2019 Syllabus will be helpful for the students who want to prepare for the exam. The Students should be familiar with the following six topics which is important to qualify the ULSAT 2019. ULSAT 2019 exam will be conducted for 150 marks from these topics. Check the exam syllabus for ULSAT 2019.

  • Language Comprehension
  • Quantitative & Numerical Ability
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Legal General Knowledge
  • Legal Aptitude

Quantitative Aptitude and Legal Aptitude

A number of arguments are put in front of the students. The candidates have to understand the same and get to a decision. Calculation based questions such as the percentage, Simple Interest, Compound Interest, Simplification, Square Root and Cube Root, Stocks and Shares and much more

Language Comprehension

These questions check how well is the students is in the English language. Students are given unseen passages which they have to understand. To do well in this section, make sure that your reading skills are good. On the basis of the paragraph, the students will have to answer the questions.

Logical Reasoning

These questions test the student’s legal knowledge and the ability of them to think legally. In this section, the students are expected to get into the situation put in front of them and think of the possible solutions for them. Check out the important topics of both legal GK and Legal Aptitude section from below.

Important Books for ULSAT 2019 Preparation

The books play an important role in the preparation of the exam. There are plenty of books available for the preparation. Below are some important books that candidate may find a reference for the preparation.

Name of the book Author Name Buy Here
Universal’s Logical Reasoning for CLAT, LSAT and other law entrance exam Jain Prateek Buy Now
LSAT Logical Reasoning Manhattan Prep Buy Now
Quantitative Aptitude Numerical Ability Think Tank Of Kiran Prakash Buy Now
Quickest Mathematics Quantitative Aptitude and Numerical Ability- SN Prasad Buy Now
Legal GK Paperback Universals Buy Now
Universals GK on Law Manish Arora Buy Now

How to Prepare for ULSAT 2019

ULSAT is conducted to check the skill of candidate in language comprehension, quantitative & numerical ability, logical reasoning, legal general knowledge, and legal aptitude. Check the preparation strategies for qualifying the exam.

How to Prepare for ULSAT 2019

Preparation for Language Comprehension

This section is based on the comprehension passages, grammar and vocabulary. To be proficiency in grammar and vocabulary it requires effective methods for learning and good guidance. Candidate can prefer reading newspaper or a good magazine on the daily basis. Make the habit of learning the new word with their meaning and their use. Prefer Wren & Martin for improvement of grammar.

Preparation for Quantitative & Numerical Ability

Candidate can Prefer the book mentioned above for the preparation of this topic. This section is based on the mathematical questions. Mathematics always requires lots of practice. We all know that maths is totally based on the formula. Make the notes of formula, prepare 4-5 years previous questions. Make the list of topics that have been repeated in every year. Take the online test. Prefer Quantitative Aptitude by RS Aggarwal book. Don’t forget to practice and remember the formulas.

Preparation For Logical Reasoning

This section will test the ability of the candidate to identify patterns, logical links, and illogical arguments. The logical reasoning is a mental process and it requires the mind to be sharper. This section requires a lot of practice. Candidates should focus on learning the terminologies. Solve the previous question and try to understand the pattern of the question and the learn the trick for solving the questions. Candidates may have to guess the pattern in the questions.

Preparation for Legal Aptitude

This section will test the candidate’s interest towards law, research aptitude, and problem aptitude. To improve the knowledge in this section candidates have to be familiar with the legal terms. Make the notes of the terms used in Law. Candidates should focus on the topics related to Legal Aptitude like

  • Criminal Law: Be familiar with all the Indian Penal Code
  • Law of Tort: Understand the importance of the Tort. And when this Law is used.
  • Indian Constitution: Be familiar with all the important article in the constitution of India.

Preparation for Legal General Knowledge

This section will check the candidate knowledge on various law and legal information Indian Kanoon, District court, High court, Supreme Court, constitutional data and much more. Candidate should read the newspaper, take an online test for Legal GK. Prepare the books by RK Gupta and many more writers.

Mocks and More Mocks!!

Toppers of any competitive exam give the due credit to the mocks in their preparation. Mocks are a great way to adjust your body clock to that of the test environment. They can also be used to have a prior idea of the difficulty level of the questions they might expect in the exam. Hence they should practice more mocks.

How to Prepare for ULSAT 2019

  • Reading newspapers is a must. It will help in 2 ways: the candidate can develop their reading skills which is important for the verbal section. Also by reading the newspaper daily, the candidate will come to know more about the current affairs which will help in GD-PI rounds.
  • Last but not the least, a proper amount of sleep and a good diet. No one can deny the importance of these 2 things. Candidates should not worry about the exams so much that they pay less attention to the two things. Good sleep and diet help the candidate in retaining more of what they learn.

ULSAT 2019

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