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How to Prepare for TS LAWCET 2019 – The preparation for TS LAWCET 2019 can begin quite early. Students will get a lot of benefit from preparing early for the TS LAWCET 2019. Looking at the tentative dates,, the TS LAWCET 2019 exam is expected to be held in the third week of May 2019. Students must make it a policy to finish the studies at least 15 days before the exam. This page is completely dedicated to preparing you for the TS LAWCET 2019 exam. You can get all the information required for the TS LAWCET 2019 exam. Information on this page contains the TS LAWCET 2019 exam pattern, Syllabus, the marking scheme and the important books which you can refer for the preparation. Students can also note down the important preparation tips that we have provided on this page.

How to Prepare for TS LAWCET 2019

Students must remember that the preparation takes time and so does gathering all the information and making an exam strategy. So, the students should utilize this time to effectively prepare for the TS LAWCET 2019. But before we move ahead and discuss the Preparation tips, we would like to give some prerequisites of the TS LAWCET 2019 exam such as the marking scheme, the exam pattern and much more.

TS LAWCET 2019 Exam Pattern

Students can take the help of the exam pattern give below to know more about the TS LAWCET 2019 exam. Students can quickly note the exam pattern in their preparation notebook so they will not forget it.

TS LAWCET 2019 will be an online computer based test that the students will be given objective type questions. For every correct answer, the students will get 1 mark and there is no as such marking scheme for TS LAWCET 2019 exam. Students will be asked 120 objective type questions in total.

TS LAWCET Marking Scheme

  • General Knowledge and Mental Ability 30 Marks
  • Current Affairs – 30 Marks
  • Aptitude for the Study of Law – 60 Marks

Important Books for TS LAWCET 2019

Name of the Book Author’s Name Buy Here
PSA Pillai Criminal Law PSA Pillai Buy Now
Yearly current affairs Arihant Experts Buy Now
Pearson GK Thorpe Edgar Buy Now
Public International Law VK Ahuja  Buy Now
Property Law AP Singh Buy Now
Family Law Paras Dewan Buy Now
Law of Torts RK Bangia Buy Now
General Knowledge 2019 Manohar Pandey Buy Now

How To Prepare For TS LAWCET 2019

How To Prepare For TS LAWCET 2019

Students can follow the below-mentioned tips that will be necessary for the TS LAWCET 2019. These tips have been followed by the toppers every year in order to fetch such notable marks. You too can adapt these tips for your preparation and all the best for your exams.

Preparation tip for GK section

For this section, nothing could be better than the newspapers and the online websites. This section requires the student to have the understanding of the surroundings. This means that the students should know about whats going on in the nation and abroad. Along with the newspapers and tv channels, the students can also try the preparation books available on this page.

Don’t leave any topic in between

Preparing for a law exam like TS LAWCET 2019 will require the students to be attentive all the time. Which is pretty much what the law career demands. Thus to reach to that level, you must make it a habit to finish what you start. Students must note that they should have a very good understanding of the cases. Sometimes students get tired and leave a topic in between and later forget to continue. Students must check that they don’t do this mistake.

Sleep Timely

Students who want to stay relaxed and don’t feel tired must check that they are sleeping timely. Sleep has a very big impact on the exam preaparation. Sometimes students have to study for long hours especially when they are preparing for the law. The body will require enough energy to do so and thus the students must make sure to take at least 6-7 hour long sleep to work effectively.

Preparation through the mock test 

Online mocks will make sure that you gain speed and efficiency. The students can also try and take as many mock tests as they can for the same. The mock tests can also help you in understanding what topics are important and should be given maximum priority.

Make a separate notebook for important dates 

This trick can prove to be of a great help to the students. Keeping a separate notebook for the TS LAWCET 2019 exam means that the students will not have to hassle for the same later on. While preparing for law the students have to remember a lot of dates and thus having the same at one place can be a savior during the last few days.

Gather up!

Some students like to study alone while some prefer group studies. Each one of us has our own choices. but one of the best thing about the group discussion session is that then students get to know more than they know. Sometimes the opinions clash and that’s when we have to decide who’s right. This can build in the habit of teamwork which is very important for a student preparing for the law exam such as TS LAWCET 2019.

Formulate a preparation timetable

Formulating a timetable will help the students not miss out anything while preparing for the exam. Students can sit with their mentors or seniors for making a timetable that they can follow. Students should check if the timetable includes short breaks, proper meals, enough time for leisure as these things will not let get tired.

Don’t stress out remain as calm as you can

Many of us find ourselves stuck in a situation we don’t know the solution of. But this doesn’t make the wise man lose his cool. You too must remain as calm as you can while you are preparing for the TS LAWCET 2019 exam. If nothing works, leave the books for some time, take rest, sleep, do meditation or anything else to calm yourself and then begin the preparation.


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