How to prepare for JMI Law Entrance Exam 2019

How to Prepare for JMI Law Entrance Exam 2019 – The JMI Law Entrance Exam 2019 will be conducted for admissions to the 5 years integrated LLB, LLM – executive weekend course, LLM – Regular Programme. And with the help of the information below, the students will be able to prepare well for the JMI Law Entrance Exam 2019, Students are also given the important books, preparation tips to excel in the JMI Law Entrance Test 2019. Make sure you jot down these important tips, tricks and more as they will be helpful in fetching good marks for the JMI Law Entrance Exam 2019.

How to Prepare for JMI Law Entrance Exam 2019

Students who want to prepare well for the JMI Law Entrance Exam must make sure that they have checked the marking scheme and exam pattern for the same. If not, don’t worry, check out the same from below and get the idea of what the exam will look like.

JMI Law Entrance Exam Pattern and Marking Scheme – 5 years integrated LLB

  • The students will be asked 150 questions of 1 marks
  • There is a negative marking of 0.25 marks.
  • The students will have 5 sections. The names and the Marks allotted to them n be found below.

Check out the marking scheme of the 5 year LLB course

  • Logical Reasoning/ Legal reasoning – 40 Marks
  • Current Affairs – 30 Marks
  • elementary Mathematics – 10 Marks
  • Legal language English including Comprehension – 30 Marks
  • General Studies – 40 Marks
  • Total Marks – 150.

JMI Law Entrance Exam Pattern and Marking Scheme – LLM Executive Weekend course

  • Exam type – objective type
  • Maximum questions – The students have to attempt 93 questions out of the 95 questions.
  • Exam Duration – 2 hours and 30 minutes
  • Maximum Marks – 150
  • Negative Marking – The students must note that there is no negative marking in the JMI Law entrance exam for LLM – Executive Weekend course.

Marking Scheme

Section Marks Questions
Part A – Multiple Choice type questions 90 90
Part B – Descriptive type questions 60 03
Total 150 93


Students are informed that it is compulsory to score at least 30% in Part B of the LLM – executive weekend programme.

Exam Pattern and Marking Scheme for – LLM Regular Programme

  • Exam type – Objective type Questions and Subjective type questions.
  • Maximum questions – Student8s will be given 150 questions. Out of these questions, the students will have to attempt at least 146 questions.
  • Exam Duration – 150 Minutes
  • Maximum Marks – 200 Marks
  • Negative Marking – No negative marking is in the LLM – Regular Programme

Marking scheme for LLM – Regular Programme

ection Maximum Marks Total No. of Questions
Part A -Multiple Choice type questions 40 40
Part B – Multiple Choice type questions 100 100
Part C – Subjective Type Questions 60 6
Total 200 146


The students are informed that it is compulsory to score at least 40% marks to be eligible for admission to the LLM – Regular Programm.

JMI Law Entrance Exam 2019 Syllabus

JMI Law syllabus for 5 years integrated LLB course

The JMI syllabus for the 5 years integrated LLB course can be found from below.

  1. Common error
  2. Phrases
  3. Synonym
  4. Idiom
  5. Reading comprehension
  6. Grammar and sentence correction
  7. Sentence improvement
  8. General Knowledge and Current Affairs
  9. Antonym
  10. Vocabulary

Current Affairs: The latest happenings around the town abroad have to be studied in this section. The students can have a look at the below-mentioned topics which they have to prepare for effective preparation.

  1. BRICS summit
  2. GST
  3. Under 17 FIFA world cup
  4. China Pakistan Corridor
  5. Noble prize
  6. Amendment in FDI policy
  7. ASIA summit
  8. Olympic
  9. World Yoga Day
  10. G20 SUMMIT
  11. Demonetization

General Studies: For this section, the students can have a look at the below subjects.

  1. Geography
  2. History
  3. General science
  4. Indian Polity

Legal Aptitude and Legal Reasoning: Legal aptitude and legal reasoning are two different kinds of subjects. Legal aptitude questions are the ones which the students have to face a mindset of what is right legally whereas the students have to attempt the legal reasoning questions just like the logical reasoning questions. Just with a little twist of Law in it. Students will be required to do the critical analysis. The questions asked may or may not have a relevance from the real world. However, the students should attempt the questions with a mindset of what seems most correct. Have a look at some of the most important topics of the Legal Aptitude and Legal reasoning section.

  1. Analogies
  2. Logical Sequencing
  3. Legal Principle relating to Laws of Crimes
  4. Legal Principle relating to Laws of Contracts
  5. Visual and non-verbal reasoning
  6. General Principle of Law
  7. Legal Principle relating to Laws of Family
  8. Basic Concepts and Atomic Structure

Elementary Mathematics (Numerical Ability): The questions will focus on the elementary mathematics questions. These topics can be prepared the best from the NCERT books.

  1. Simple equation
  2. Simple interest
  3. Ratio and proportion
  4. Compound interest
  5. Numbers and series
  6. Profit and loss
  7. Time and distance
  8. Percentage

JMI 2019 LLM Executive Programme

The question paper for this section will have two section. Part A and Part B. For Part A, the students will have to prepare for the subjects that they have studied in law. For the part 2, the students must prepare for the procedural law and contemporary legal issues.

JMI 2019 LLM Regular Programme

Part A – In this section, the students will be asked questions out of the General Knowledge and English section. The students can prepare for this section using the latest books. It is advised to the students to keep on reading the newspapers and practice as many mock tests as they can for this section.

Part B – All the legal subjects have to be prepared for this section. The legal questions may vary and the students can have an idea from the previous year question papers so that they do not miss out on any of the important questions.

Part C – The Part C of the LLM Regular Programme entrance test is quite vast. The below topics are very necessary for preparation. Thus, students can quickly jot down these important topics.

  • Contemporary Legal issues
  • Law of Contract
  • Environmental Law
  • Jurisprudence
  • Corporate Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Family Law
  • Labour Law
  • Constitutional Law
  • Law of Torts
  • International Law

Important Books for JMI Law Entrance Exam 2019

Students who want to get the best results out of their preparation can check out the bok below. These books have often been used by the toppers and the students should also get them. The direct links to buy these books are available in the table.

Name of the book Author Name Buy Here
Simple complex, compound Complex Sentences Manik Joshi Buy Now
Wileys Reasoning Book TCY Online Buy Now
High School English Grammar And Compositio Wren and Martin Buy Now
Logical Reasoning and Data interpretation Nishit K Sinha Buy Now
Current Affairs Yearly 2018 Arihant Experts Buy Now
Mathematics for Class 10th RD Sharma Buy Now
Legal Aptitude and Legal Reasoning AP Bhardhwaj Buy Now
Genral Studies Paper 1 MHE Buy Now

How to Prepare for JMI Law Entrance Exam 2019?

Below mentioned are some of the most followed tips by the students who have excelled in the JMI Law Entrance Exams in the past years.

For the English section take the help of the Newspapers

For the section such as English including Comprehension, section students can buy grammar books from the table above. Also, students must make sure that they do not lose the habit of reading. Read Newspapers and books as it would be helpful in bot grammar as well as the comprehension section.

For the Mathematics sections – don’t worry just practice every day

Students always feel worried about the Mathematics Section. But let me tell you, it will be one of the easiest section and you can easily score those 10 marks. Make sure you have the NCERT books for the preparation.

Legal Aptitude and Legal reasoning are not the same!

The Legal reason and legal aptitude questions can be a little tricky and the students can get confuses between the two. But it is informed to the students that the legal reasoning section requires the students to think logically and not much legally. However, on the other hand, Legal aptitude questions judge the students on the basis of their problem-solving skills and they have to do the critical analysis to get to a solution.

Make sure to have an Easy to follow Timetable

The students must make sure that you made a timetable for studies. But, the students must also check that the timetable is easy to adapt and follow. It includes rest periods and does cost you your peace. Make sure to stay healthy and have eaten healthy food.

JMI Law Entrance Exam 2019

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