Those students who want to know how to prepare for the AP PGLCET 2019 have come to the right place. The AP PGLCET 2019 exam is conducted for admission to the 2 year master in law courses. An effective strategy is what students will require before the exam preparation. Through this page, the student will be able to get the tips and tricks and the important books to prepare for the same.

How to Prepare for AP PGLCET 2019

Preparation for AP PGLCET 2019 focusses mainly on covering all the important topics for AP PGLCET 2019 before time frame. Students who want to have a good scorecard can follow these tips for timely preparation.

AP PGLCET 2019 Syllabus

Before checking out the preparation tips, the students must check out the syllabus for AP PGLCET 2019. Ths syllabus consists of the following subjects

Jurisprudence: It is the deeper understanding of legal systems, legal reasoning and the role of Law in our society Important topics such as the following have to be prepared for this section.

  • Obligation
  • Legal Sanctions
  • Ownership and Possession
  • Liability
  • Person’s
  • Property

Constitutional Law: This law defines the power of different entities in the state namely parliament, judiciary, legislature and executive. The Executive Judiciary and Legislature. Important topics such as the Directive Principles of State Policy, Fundamental Rights, Center-State Relations, Executive Judiciary and Legislature

Public International law: These laws help in maintaining a good relationship between Nation-state and International Organizations.

Important topics of this section are – Extradition, Asylum, Air, Sea and Outer Space etc.

Mercantile Law: These laws are helpful for proper functioning of the business of all kinds. Check out the important topic – General Principles of Contract (Sections. 1-75, Indian Contract Act-1872).

Labour Law: This law makes sure that the rights of the workers are protected. The Trade Union Act 1926. Industrial Disputes Act 1947 must be well studiesf=nf

Crimes and Torts

IPR and other Laws – Students need to prepare the following for this section

AP PGLCET 2019 Exam Pattern

Students can check the exam pattern for AP PGLCET 2019 from below.

  • The AP PGLCET 2019 will be conducted in Online Mode
  • Objective type questions will be asked in the examination.
  • The exam will be set for a duration of 3 hours
  • The total marks for AP PGLCET are 120
  • Total Number of Questions asked in the exam are – 120
  • Marks for each Question – 1

Marking Scheme

Part A
Jurisprudence 20
Constitutional Law 20
Part B
Public International law 16
Mercantile Law 16
Labour Law 16
Crimes and Torts 16
IPR and other Laws 16

Important books for AP PGLCET 2019

Name of the Books Autor Name Buy Here
Patents act – 1970 Taxxman Buy Here
Jurisprudence (Legal theory) Nomita Aggarwal Buy Here
Human Rights H.O Aggarwal Buy Here
Jurisprudence and Legal theory Dr. V.D.Mahajan Buy Here
Mercantile Law KC Kucchal Buy Here
Fundamental Rights Uday Raj Rai Buy Here
Constitutional Law M.P Jain Buy Here
India’s constitution Origin and Evolution S.Pal Buy Here
Intellectual Property Laws Private Publicaton Buy Here
Public International Law V.K Ahuja Buy Here

How to prepare for AP PGLCET 2019

Take Practice tests for effective preparation

To get the best out of your studies, make sure that you take as many practice tests as you can for effective preparation. If you will keep practicing the mock tests, you will see that you have become well versed with the examination pattern. This also improves confidence in the students

Take short breaks between working hours

Studying for AP PGLCET 2019 can be tiring as there are many subjects which yu need to understand. Thus, include short rejuvenating breaks in your study time table. During the breaks do fun activities like playing games and listening music.

Come up with a Different strategy for Difficult courses

Being aware of legal news and knowing at least the most common of the legal general knowledge. Whether it is a legislative development in Parliament or a landmark judgment from the Supreme Court or High Courts, it would be important for the exam.

Outline your cases and Prepare A Case List

This step will really make a difference for you. Students can prepare the list of cases and just write one or two sentences for each case that explains a lot about the case. Make sure to keep the sentences short and use the kind of language that helps you have a strong grip on the details


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