How to Prepare for AIBE 2019 – Students who want to prepare well for the AIBE 2019 exam can take the help of this page to effectively prepare for the exam. The AIBE 2019 exam is very different from the other law exams. AIBE 2019 will be an open book exam which means that the students will be allowed to look for the answers from the study material or books in the exam hall.The candidates thus make sure to prepare differently for the AIBE 2019. The AIBE 2019 exam is scheduled to be held in the 4th week of June 2019. This means that the students have a lot of time to prepare for the AIBE 2019. To effectively prepare for the AIBE 2019 exam, a number of things have to be considered. First, the exam pattern and the marking scheme for the exam must be well understood. This helps the students understand what they should prepare first. Candidates can also test their skills using some of the methods and preparation tips that are given on this page. Now, we know that books are the best friends of the students and thus we have also provided a list of the most important books along with the Names of the Author and the links to get the same delivered at your place.

How to Prepare for AIBE 2019

The AIBE 2019 exam will be conducted for the BA LLB graduates who want to gain the Practice Certificate. Since the exam is different, the preparation shall also be different for the AIBE 2019. The students will be asked questions on the basis of the subjects they have studied in the 5 year integrated law course. The students who want to check the exam pattern and marking scheme for the AIBE 2019 exam can check from below.

AIBE 2019 Exam Pattern

  1. Type of Questions – MCQ
  2. Language – Bengali, Gujarati, Oriya Hindi, Marathi, Assamese, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil, Engish, Telugu
  3. Marks – Total 100 Marks.
  4. Exam Mode – Offline (Pen and Paper Based Exam.
  5. Total Time duration – 3 hours
  6. Type of exam – Open Book Exam
  7. Passing Score – 40%
  8. Minimum Marks to be scored in Category 1 – 31
  9. Minimum Marks to be scored in Category 2 – 9

AIBE 2019 Syllabus

In the table given below, students can check out the important topics that are important for the AIBE 2019 exam. The students can have a look at the below mentioned topics which have to be prepared as the AIBE 2019 exam Syllabus

S. No. Topic/Subject No. of Questions
1. Corporate Social Responsibility 2
2. Limitation Act 2
3. Jurisprudence 3
4. Family Law 2
5. Professional Ethics & Cases of Professional misconduct under B.C.I rules 4
6. Administration Law 3
7. Company Law (2013) 4
8. ADR + Arbitration Act 4
9. Environmental Law 5
10. Constitutional Law 5
11. Public International Law 5
12. C.P.C 5
13. I.P.C 6
14. Cyber Law 5
15. Law of Tort, including Motor Vehicle Accidents and Consumer Protection Law 6
16. Labour + Industrial Law 6
17. Cr. P.C 8
18. Evidence 10
19. Law of Contract, Specific Relief, Prop Laws, Spl Contract N.I Act 15
Total 100

Important Books for AIBE 2019

Name of the Books Autor Name Buy Here
Intellectual Property Laws Private Publication Buy Here
Patents act – 1970 Taxxman Buy Here
Human Rights H.O Aggarwal Buy Here
Public International Law V.K Ahuja Buy Here
Fundamental Rights Uday Raj Rai Buy Here
Jurisprudence and Legal theory Dr. V.D.Mahajan Buy Here
Jurisprudence (Legal theory) Nomita Aggarwal Buy Here
Mercantile Law KC Kucchal Buy Here
India’s constitution Origin and Evolution S.Pal Buy Here
Constitutional Law M.P Jain Buy Here

How to Prepare for AIBE 2019

Candidates who want to take the AIBE 2019 exam can take the help of the below-mentioned exam tips by the toppers. For the students who want to prepare well for the AIBE 2019 exam, staying continuously motivated is the key. It will be very easier for the students to incorporate these exam tips into their daily lifestyle.

Download the official study material released by the AIBE

Candidates can have a look at the below-given link to download the official study material provided by the AIBE. The students must prepare from the official study material first and later check out other books. Click on the link below to download the AIBE official syllabus.

Click Here to download the official practice material issued by the AIBE.

Learn How to Use the Carry Material

As the candidates must be knowing that the Carry Material is very important for they have to carry it to the exam hall. But before that, while preparing for the AIBE 2019 exam, the students must know how to use it well. Students must be knowing where they will find the solution. Students must improve their analytical skills. This will be very helpful for the candidates to unveil the case well and understand what is right from the available options.

Try to Attempt All the Questions – Attempting all the Questions is very important for the candidates. Candidates must not hesitate from attempting each and every question since there is no negative marking in the AIBE 2019 exam. To gain the confidence of easily finishing even the most difficult ones must make sure to complete the mock tests towards the end of the Exam preparation schedule.

Students must also make sure to go through the past year question papers – Preparing from the past year’s question papers make sure that the students get the best of their exam preparation with the help of the previous year question papers. The candidates can have a look at the past year question papers and understand what questions have been repeated.

Check out the subjects that carry More marks  – This practice will fetch the best marks for the students. The candidates must check the syllabus and make sure that the know all the important topics. Candidates must check out the marks for each section and start preparing for the sections that can fetch them good marks. This way they must aim to at least score 70+ marks.

Don’t Cram the answers – One thing that the students must understand that is that cramming the answers will not work out for the AIBE 2019 exam. Students must understand that the more they will think of cramming the answers, the more they will forget. The best way to not cram and actually understand the subject is to do the group discussions. When two more candidates sit together and talk about the AIBE exam. Many of the questions easily gets understood. Another reason why cramming will not work for the students who want to prepare for the AIBE 2019 exam is it is not necessary that the students will be facing the similar questions and thus they must have a guide to tell about how to study more efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is the FAQ’s asked by the advocates related to the AIBE exam. You can check the same and ask any questions if you have in the comment section below.

Q – Will the AIBE exam test me on the basis of the Knowledge I have already gained in my graduation or some new areas of study will be asked in the AIBE exam? I am curious to know.

Ans – No, you will only be asked questions on the basis of the knowledge already gained in the Graduation.

Q – Is it required for the law aspirants to undertake any training before we actually appear for the AIBE exam?

Ans – Since the students will only be tested on the areas already studied in the graduation year, you do not practically need a coaching for the AIBE. Also, you will be given the preparatory material by the Bar Council of India so you will not need any type of coaching to appear for the AIBE exam.

Q – When is the preparatory material provided to the students?
Ans – The preparatory material will be available for the advocates after the application is received by the Bar Council of India. If you face any problems in receiving the preparatory material, contact – [email protected]

Q – In which language will the exam be conducted in? Will I receive the preparation material in the language that I choose?
Ans – The exam is going to be conducted in 9 languages – Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Marathi, Bengali, Gujarati, Oriya, and English. The advocates will get the preparatory material in the language that they choose for the AIBE exam.

Q – What material can be taken inside the exam hall on the AIBE day?
Ans – Any sort of books, handmade notes, preparatory material provided by the Bar Council, textbooks are allowed in the exam hall. However, advocates can not bring electronic gadgets such as laptops, mobile phones or any device with a radio transceiver such as a pager is not allowed in the exam hall.

Q – What will be the maximum time for the AIBE exam? When can I leave the exam hall?
Ans – The maximum time available to the advocates in 3 Hrs and 30 mins. Advocates can leave the exam hall once they have completed the AIBE.

Q – What are the minimum marks required by the students to clear the AIBE?
Ans – 40%

Q – What should I carry with me on the exam day?
Ans – Black/Blue Ball Point Pen, Admit Card, Preparatory Material. Please make sure that the candidates have to carry the Black/blue ball point pen to fill the OMR Sheet.

Q – Can I take the question paper back home after the exam?
Ans – Yes, you can take it with you once the exam is over and you have submitted the OMR.

Q – What are the Areas which the AIBE will test? What Laws do they cover?
Ans – Candidates will be asked questions about 20 subjects. The subjects will be from the syllabus prescribed for the 3 year and 5 year LLB with regard to their importance in various Jurisdictions across the Globe.

Q – Are there any recommended books to study for success in the All India Bar Examination?
Ans – You will not need any extra books since the exam will be based on the knowledge gained in the 3 year or 5 year LLB. You will also be provided with the Preparatory material for the AIBE exam.

Q – I want to enter Judicial Services. Is it mandatory for me to clear the All India Bar Exam?
Ans – Clearing the AIBE exam is not compulsory to enter Judicial services. Also, separate exams are required to be cleared to enter the Judicial services. However, if eligibility to practice law is the prerequisite for qualification for the Judiciary. Then it would become necessary to appear for the AIBE exam.

Q – Will any other assistance other than the preparatory material will be provided to the students?
Ans – Yes, the students will get the model test papers available on the official website –

AIBE 2019

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