CLAT 2018 Topper Devansh Kaushik (AIR 2) Shares his Success Story and Mantra


The CLAT 2018 results have been announced and the list of toppers has been updated on the official website. This year the CLAT exam was conducted by NUALS Kochi. Those students who have not checked their results yet can check out the same by visiting the official website and entering their names and registration number.

Cracking CLAT exam is not an easy task. Students study day and night to get admission into the Notable NLU’s. Out of so many candidates that apply for CLAT exam, only a few hard workers fetch the throne. Devansh has done it this time. His constant preparation resulted in a marvelous achievement. Just like all of you, we too were curious to know what was his strategy, how he managed his time, what study material he referred, how many hours he studied and what tips he would like to give to the CLAT aspirants. From below you will be able to get the answers to all of these questions and towards the end of the interview below, you will have a feeling of confidence and a will to work hard.

Name Devansh Kaushik
Location Jaipur, Rajashthan
School Cambridge Court High School, Jaipur
CLAT 2018 Rank 02
CLAT 2018 Score 157.5/200

About Devansh Kaushik, CLAT 2018 AIR 2

Q – We can not congratulate enough for such a wonderful achievement! We’re Sure you must be feeling really excited about it.

Ans – Yes, definitely when I got to know that I’ve achieved what I was working hard for, I felt really good. I’m really thankful to everyone who was there for me during the journey.

Q – Yes, you definitely have proved that hard work is the only key to success. Please tell the readers how you incorporated the hard work into your routine? What used to be your strategy each day?

Ans – Hard work is the only “Right” key to success. What my strategy was might not be the same for everyone since everyone has a different life. Honestly, I began preparing for CLAT just a year ago. That was the time I realized that there are 12 months remaining for the CLAT 2018 and i just have to do as good as I can. 

Q – And the figures are speaking for themselves! Tell us how you used to manage the time during the CLAT 2018 preparation?

Ans – Thank you! I would study for somewhere between 8-10 hours every day. This is what the whole plan was since always. I used to devote more hours and concentration on GK section.

Q – That seems tough! How were you staying refreshed all day while studying at such a pace?

Ans – Well, i kept on taking short breaks in between. Even I used to get tired of studying and studying and thus what worked for me were small refreshing breaks. I used to become even more interested in the studies after those breaks. 

Q – That’s a really nice tip for the students! Tell us, which subject is your favorite?

Ans – Oh! I love studying General Knowledge!

Q – How did you target General Knowledge?

And –  To make sure that I do not miss out on any new update or announcement, I’ve always been habitual of reading Newspapers and also a magazine, books, and online study material.

Q – As you said you’ve been preparing for CLAT since 9th standard, where did you focus the most during this time period?

And – I’ve been reading judgments, bills, and proceedings in the parliament since then to shape my opinion on all burning issues.

Q – You previously said that you used to take small breaks while studying. Please tell how you used to enjoy those breaks?

Ans –  Well I like watching movies so yes, sometimes  I will take a break and watch a movie. Also, sometimes I used to go for a brisk walk just to rejuvenate and stay fresh. 

Q. How did you manage your time with study and extracurricular activities?

Ans – I used to attend weekend classes and devote equal time to each subject.

Q – So what are your future plans after being declared as the CLAT 2018 All India Rank – 2?

Ans – Well I am looking forward to joining NLU Bangalore. This was always my dream!

Q – What do you aspire to become in your life and why?

Ans – I want to serve my nation as an IAS officer or a Judicial Judge. The reason to aim these two is that in both the professions, I’ll be working to protect and implement laws.

About Your Previous Achievements 

CLAT 2018 AIR 2

Q – So Devansh, Please tell us about your school life? How was it?

And –  Oh it was great! I went to Cambridge Court High School, Jaipur. School life went amazingly well with my friends. We used to do a lot of Group Discussion sessions and also play games together.

Q – What stream did you choose and why? Was it a tough decision back then?

Ans – It wasn’t really a very tough decision since I always knew what I wanted to do. I just needed such a subject that could help him manage board preparations as well as the CLAT exam preparation. I had 3 options in front of me. From science, Commerce, and Arts I chose commerce for the given reason. 

Q – Well that seems like a thrilling journey filled with sheer dedication and love for the subjects. What advice will you like to give to the readers who want to appear for CLAT?

Ans – Thank you so much! I would like to tell the students to start preparing early. In the initial days, formulate an exam strategy. Always be a part of discussions and never hesitate to talk to your seniors. They will always be available for your help! 

Devansh scored a CGPA of 10 in his 10th standard!

“He Aspires to be an IAS officer or a judicial officer (judge)”

The Second place in the toppers list has been taken by the another Jaipur boy along with the AIR 1 Aman Garg. Devansh Kaushik has been declared as the AIR – 2 in the CLAT 2018 exam. Devansh has got a score of 157.5 in the CLAT 2018 exam. Devansh belongs to the General category. To

Every year many students tend to do the hard work but the smart work leads to the achievement of such titles like the one Devansh has got. Securing a 2nd position in the such a big exam like CLAT is nothing but just a wonderful job. You all must be looking for more information on the topper, so let’s have a look at the life of the AIR – 2, Devansh Kaushik.

CLAT 2018 AIR – 2 Devansh Kaushik Interview

More about the AIR – 2 Devansh Kaushik

Devansh Kaushik who has received the CLAT 2018 rank one belongs to Jaipur, Rajasthan. Devansh, a student of Cambridge Court High School in Jaipur. Devansh decided to pursue law in his 9th standard itself. He said that his preparations started right there and we all can see the benefit of such dedication. Devansh says that since then he developed the habit of staying updated with the current affairs, reading lengthy judgments, watching TV debates, reading analysis and much more for the preparation. He said that he used to discuss his doubts on a regular basis with his teachers and seniors.

Devansh says that his strengths were the General Knowledge section and the reasoning section. When asked about his strategy to manage time between the board exams and the CLAT 2018 preparation, Devansh said that he used to follow a proper study timetable.

Devansh says that he has been preparing for the CLAT 2018 exam since a long time and used to do the mock practice with his batchmates. Devansh says that he always knew his weaknesses but instead of worrying about them he focussed more on his strengths which helped him in achieving such an impressive CLAT 2018 score.

Devansh’s Advice For CLAT Aspirants

  • Devansh has adviced the students to start early so that plenty of time gets available to the students for practicing the mock tests.
  • He advised the students to follow an easy yet effective time table and don’t just stick to it, keep making changes.
  • He also advised going through the previous year question papers since he considers them significant for CLAT preparation.
  • Speak to your seniors and mentors about the doubts. Make sure you are not dicey in any situation.
  • Focus on the subject that you are most interested in and master it like no one else!

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