CLAT 2019 Syllabus

CLAT 2019 Syllabus – Consortium of national law universities has provided the CLAT 2019 syllabus. Candidates can check the Syllabus for CLAT 2019 through this page. Candidates appearing in CLAT 2019 exam have to study subjects such as English including comprehension, General Knowledge and Current Affairs, Mathematics, Legal Aptitude, and Logical Reasoning. Candidates can also download the CLAT 2019 syllabus (PDF) from the link below. Some important preparation tips for CLAT 2019 are also available on this page for each section of the CLAT syllabus.

CLAT 2019 Syllabus

Candidates must aim to complete the preparation for CLAT 2019 at least 15 days before CLAT exam date. Two subjective type questions are also included now in the CLAT LLM syllabus 2019. Check complete CLAT 2019 syllabus from below.

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Syllabus for CLAT 2019 (UG)

The students who want to appear for the CLAT 2019 exam in case they want admission in the Undergraduate courses, below are the important sections of the CLAT Question Paper.

  • English including comprehension
  • General Knowledge and Current Affairs
  • Mathematics
  • Legal Aptitude
  • Logical Reasoning

CLAT Syllabus 2019

This is the section of the examination that will check the student’s English comprehension and grammar. The students will be required to have a knowledge of understanding the passage, correcting the incorrect grammatical sentences, filling the blanks with appropriate words etc.

Best Tips for CLAT English Grammar and Composition Section

  • Read one Newspaper every day.
  • Do not leave out Editorials in the Newspapers
  • Note down important happenings for revision time.
  • Read Manorama, Panorama, Pratiyogita Darpan at least twice a month.
  • Don’t Mug up, take the interest.

Syllabus CLAT 2019

This section would check how well the student is aware of the current affairs and happenings. Questions will be asked from both national as well as international issues.

Best Tips for CLAT General Knowledge and Current Affairs Section

  • Try to practice the basic grammar and vocabulary that you have studied in school.
  • Don’t skip idioms and Phrases.
  • Improve your reading speed for the Reading Comprehension section
  • Synonyms, Antonyms, Idioms, Foreign language words, Correction of incorrect sentences.
  • Understand the Basic rules of grammar and forget the “Sounds Right” rule.
  • Try finding errors in sentences and keep practicing every day. 

2019 Syllabus CLAT

Students will also be asked questions about mathematics. The mathematics questions asked in the CLAT 2019 exam will be up to the standard of 10th class.

Best Tips for CLAT Mathematics Section

  • Do not ignore the mathematics section just because it constitutes 20 marks.
  • Clarify your basics by going through the books of elementary mathematics.
  • Go through the previous year question papers and practice every day.
  • Approach all kinds of questions.
  • Aim to enhance your speed and accuracy.
  • Track how much time you take for solving each question as well as the complete question paper and then cut the time.
  • Know which questions should be skipped.
  • Don’t cram, understand all your formulas. Formulas such as the Speed time Distance must be on your tips.
  • Take help of books such as NCERT, Universal Guide to CLAT, Arithmetic/Quantitative Mathematics by RS Agarwal.

CLAT 2019 Syllabus

The legal aptitude questions asked in the examination will test the student’s interest in the law subject. In this section, the students may be asked the questions that require searching truth> A number of propositions will be given and the candidates will have to analyze the truthfulness of the proposition and assume the most suitable answer.

Best Tips for CLAT Legal Aptitude Section

  • Some principles might not seem true for the real world but the students have to assume them as true.
  • Principles are generally based on the Law of Contracts, Criminal Law, Constitutional law and Law of torts. You don’t have to study all these laws, but just have a general idea of it so as to solve the problems.
  • For legal GK, students you need to have an understanding of the important articles of the Indian Constitution.
  • Students must importantly focus on fundamental rights.
  • Go through the previous year question paper.
  • Learn important amendments in the constitution.

CLAT Syllabus Logical Reasoning

Logical reasoning questions will check the candidate’s skill to understand the patterns, finding the logical links and the rectification of the illogical arguments. Logical reasoning questions include – logical sequences, analogies, etc. It can be noted by the students that the questions on visual reasoning will not be tested in the CLAT 2019 exam.

☺Best Tips for CLAT Logical Reasoning Section

  • Logical reasoning is a time-consuming section; however, it can be mastered with regular practice.
  • Think like a lawyer since they are amazingly awesome at logical reasoning.
  • First, the students must clear their basics. The basic topics of Logical reasoning such as Family/Blood Relations, Coding, seating arrangements etc are easily understandable and thus must be completed first.
  • Do not refer to too many books as they will confuse you.
  • Books that can help you out with the Logical Reasoning section include – Modern Approach to verbal and nonverbal reasoning by R.S Agarwal and Analytical Reasoning by M.K Pandey.
  • The topics which can be solved using shortcut approaches must be targetted first.
  • Don’t rely on facts or personal feelings while solving a question.
  • The logic to be applied for solving the question is embedded in the question, Find it!
  • Make sure to be a regular practitioner of reasoning section, you will eventually get comfortable with this section.
  • Time Management is the key!
  • Try to solve as many mock tests as you to enhance your ability for this section. Also, try to understand your weak points and analyze your attempt.

Syllabus for CLAT 2019 PG Exam

Students willing to appear for the CLAT 2019 PG exam must have a strong base of what they have studied in their graduation. Students can start their preparation for the CLAT 2019 PG exam with the help of the syllabus below

  • Constitutional Law
  • Jurisprudence
  • Subjective Questions
  • Other Law Subjects such as Contract, Torts, Criminal Law, International Law, IPR etc.
Syllabus of CLAT 2019 PDF – Candidates can download and save the CLAT 2019 syllabus Here.

CLAT 2019 Sample Papers

It is pretty much obvious that for such a big level law exam, students are willing to leave no stone unturned. Thus the students are also on a lookout for the CLAT Sample papers. Sample papers help the students get an exam idea. Through CLAT 2019 Syllabus the students will get to know about the important questions for CLAT 2019. Below we have provided the Sample Papers for CLAT 2019.]

CLAT Sample Papers Get Here
CLAT Sample Papers (UG) Click Here
CLAT Sample Papers (PG) Click Here

Examination Pattern For CLAT 2019 UG and PG Exam

It is very important for candidates to understand the CLAT 2019 Exam pattern. Students can note down the below exam pattern to have an idea about the CLAT 2019 Exam.

CLAT 2019 UG Exam Pattern

  • Mode of Exam – Offline
  • Exam Duration – 02 hours
  • Number of Questions – 200
  • Type of Questions – Multiple Choice Type
  • Marks Per Question – 1 marks
  • Negative Marking – 0.25 marks
Section Maximum Marks
English including comprehension 40
General Knowledge and Current Affairs 50
Elementary Mathematics (Numerical Ability) 20
Legal Aptitude 50
Logical Reasoning 40

CLAT 2019 PG Exam pattern

  • Exam Duration – 02 hours
  • Number of Questions (MCQ) – 100
  • Number of Questions (Subjective Type Questions) – 02
  • Type of Questions – Multiple Choice Type
  • Marks Per Question (MCQ) – 01 Mark
  • Marks per question (Subjective portion) – 25 Mark
  • Negative Marking – 0.25 marks

Subjective Portion: As per the latest changes in the CLAT LLM 2019 Entrance exam, students will be asked subjective questions as well. The marking scheme for Subjective portion is available below.

  • Total Marks of Subjective Portion: 50 Marks
  • Marks Division – Two Essay type questions each of 25 Marks
Section Maximum Marks
Constitutional Law 40
Other Law Subjects such as Contract, Torts, Criminal Law, International Law, IPR etc. and Jurisprudence 60
Subjective Type Questions – 2 Questions 50 (25+25)

Important Books for CLAT 2019

CLAT 2019 Important Books Name of the Author Buy Here
Wren and Martin – English Grammar And Composition DV Prasada Rao Buy Now
Word Power Made Easy Normal Newis Buy Now
10 Year CLAT Solved Papers Disha Experts Buy Now
Legal Aptitude for the CLAT and Examination Bhardwaj Buy Now
General Knowledge 2019 Manohar Pandey Buy Now
NCERT Class 10th TextBook NCERT Buy Now
Logical Reasoning (CLAT) RK Gupta Buy Now

How to Prepare for CLAT 2019

CLAT 2019 Syllabus

To prepare for CLAT 2019 UG and PG examination, the students will be required to have a good in-depth knowledge of Law. Students have enough time to prepare for the examination. While you are preparing for the CLAT 2019 examination, you should make sure you have gathered all the important books. If not, you can have a look at the books above and begin your preparation.

Students must also make it a habit to regularly ready the newspapers and watch the news. Learning new words every day, giving mock tests and solving sample papers will also help the candidate do well in the CLAT 2019 examination. Remember to note down whatever new topic you come across while preparing and give enough time to revision to master the subjects.

CLAT 2019

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