One day to go for CLAT 2018. At this moment, understanding the new CLAT 2018 online exam interface is more important than ever. If you have been practicing mock tests that are based on last year’s CLAT exam then you may be surprised with these new changes; however, do not panic, you can easily understand if you read this patiently. Take note of what means what in the CLAT 2018 online exam. be prepared to attempt questions in order that appears as per this new interface. Also keep in mind the precautions you should take during exam to avoid technical breakdowns.

Caveat: This article is based on analysis of the demo test launched for CLAT 2018. Candidates should exercise their best judgement while attempting the actual test.

CLAT 2018: Online Exam

  • CLAT 2018 is an online computer based test.
  • There are multiple choice questions.
  • All questions are in English language only.
  • For correct answer, you get 1 mark, and for incorrect answer, 0.25 mark is deducted.

Key Changes In CLAT 2018 Online Exam

  • Buttons for next and previous are different.
  • Instead of marked for review, now the buttons are Tag and De-Tag.
  • There are no buttons for sections.
  • Candidates are asked not to press next or previous buttons too many times as system may hang.

Read the complete article to understand the interface of CLAT 2018 online exam.

Navigating Between Questions

Candidate has the option to choose the sections from which the candidate wishes to answer the questions. the question numbers under that section will be displayed as a question palette on the right hand side of the screen in a box. The candidate is free to choose any question by clicking on the question number.

Candidate has to navigate to each section separately to view and attempt all the questions.

CLAT 2018

Only one question displays on the screen at a time. to attempt next question, you have to click on button that says “Next Question”. Or to go to previous question, click on “Previous Question” button.

Note: Look of Next Question and Previous Question buttons have changed.

Time Limit

There is a timer (clock) available on the top right hand corner of the screen. Keep an eye on the timer for knowing the time remaining for the completion of exam.

The questions can be answered in any order within the given time frame. The candidates should click with the mouse on the correct choice from the 4 given options given. In case the candidate does not wish to attempt a question, it can be left unanswered.

Changing An Answer

The candidate can change the option of a question later by selecting a new option in case he/she wishes to. In case candidate does not want to answer the question, he/she can deselect the answer by clicking “Erase” provided against the question.

How To Move To Another Question?

To move back and forth between questions, candidates should use the “Next Question >” or “< Previous Question” button or click on the question number on the right hand side of the computer screen where question numbers would be displayed along with the “attempted” or “not attempted” status. The summary of the status of all the questions across all sections would also be displayed on the screen.

The answers will be saved and marked green in right side question palette whenever the candidate goes to next question.

Do Not Click Next Or Previous Buttons Multiple Times To Avoid System Hang

Candidates are requested to click on Next Question >” button only once while moving from one question to another. Clicking it multiple times will lead to page freezing and the exam will have to be restarted.

How To Mark Questions For Review?

Candidates have the option to bookmark a question in case they want to review it at a later stage by clicking on the “Tag” button available at the bottom of the screen. The bookmark on a particular question can be removed by clicking on “De-Tag”.

CLAT 2018

Note: Tag and De-Tag buttons are different now.

Question Palette Color Coding In CLAT 2018

The question palette at the right of the screen shows the following status of each of the questions numbered

Green: You have answered the question.

Yellow: You have not answered the question and marked for review.

Purple: You have answered the question but marked for review.

White: You have not answered the question.

Questions which are attempted and marked for review would be treated as attempted questions only as long as the candidate does not “Erase” the option selected.

CLAT 2018

End Of Test

On the completion of test duration, even if the candidate does not click on the “Preview Submit” button, his test will be automatically submitted by the computer. The candidate will not be able to submit the test before the completion of the stipulated 2 hours (120 minutes). The system will automatically submit the test on the completion of the stipulated time.


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