The AP PGLCET 2019 syllabus will explain the important topics for the AP PGLCET 2019 to the students. Students should prepare these topics for the AP PGLCET 2019 exam. Along with the syllabus, students can get the marking scheme, preparation tips, important books and more on this page. Students can also download the AP PGLCET 2019 syllabus from the direct link provided on this page.

AP PGLCET 2019 Syllabus

The AP PGLCET 2019 syllabus includes 2 parts. Part A covers two topics and Part B covers 5 topics. These are the topics that the students study in the LLB courses. Students need to know that although the syllabus is quite vast, students can formulate an exam strategy to ace the exam without any pressure. So, before we proceed and jot down the syllabus, let’s have a look at the Exam Pattern and Marking scheme for AP PGLCET 2019.

AP PGLCET 2019 Exam Pattern 

  • Mode of Exam – Online
  • Type of Questions – Objective Type
  • Duration of AP PGLCET Exam – 3 Hours
  • Total Marks for AP PGLCET – 120
  • Total Number of Questions – 120
  • Marks Question – 1

Marking Scheme for AP PGLCET 2019 

  • Part A contains of two sections of 20 Marks each
    Jurisprudence – 20 Marks
    Constitutional law – 20 Marks

Total Marks of Part A – 40 Marks.

  • Part B has 5 sections of 16 Marks each
    Public International law – 16 Marks
    Mercantile Law – 16 Marks
    Labour Law – 16 Marks
    Crimes and Torts – 16 Marks
    IPR  Other Laws – 16 Marks

Let’s have a look at the below syllabus for AP PGLCET 2019


Jurisprudence – This section will ask the questions from the below subjects

  • Schools of Jurisprudence -, Custom Precedent and Legislation, Sources of Law.
  • Rights and duties- Ownership and Possession, Legal Sanctions, Liability, Person’s, Property, Obligation.

Constitutional Law – The constitutional Law section will include questions from the following topics. Students can buy the Indian constitution Book for more elaboration.

  • Directive Principles of State Policy
  • Fundamental Rights
  • Center-State Relations
  • Executive Judiciary and Legislature
  • Amendments to the constitution
  • Emergency provisions


Public International law – A body of rules rules that help maintain the relationship between the Nation state and International organizations. Below is the list of topics that the students need to prepare for this section.

  • United Nations
  • Subjects
  • State Territory
  • International Law and Municipal Law
  • Extradition
  • Asylum
  • Air,
  • Sea and Outer Space.
  • Nationality and Statelessness
  • State Jurisdiction

Mercantile Law – Laws related to local and international commerce. These laws are a set of legal codes that helps in the governance of banks and business of all kind. The following topic will be asked in the AP PGLCET Exam.

General Principles of Contract (Sections. 1-75, Indian Contract Act-1872).

Labour Law – The laws that protect the rights and explains the responsibility of the workers. Students. The questions will be asked from – Trade Union Act 1926. Industrial Disputes Act 1947.

Crimes and Torts – The law of torts is the study of laws that are helpful in a situation where somebody has done something civil wrong which caused harm to another individual. This results in legal liability upon the person who has committed the crime. Following topics have to be prepared for the crimes and torts section.

  • TORTS – General principles of Tort, Consumer Protection Act 1986, Defenses, Joint liability, State liability for torts
  • Indian Penal Code – General Principles & General Exceptions.

IPR and other Laws – Students need to prepare the following topics for this section

  • Copyright Act, 1957
  • Human Rights
  • Patents Act 1970
  • The Protection of Human Rights Act, 1993
  • Salient features of Information Technology Act, 2000
  • Environmental Protection Act, 1986
  • Right to Information Act 2005

Download AP PGLCET 2019 – Download AP PGLCET Syllabus 

How to Prepare for AP PGLCET 2019

Students who want to appear for the AP PGLCET Exam should begin their studies as they have enough time for many important things. Students can use this time to make short notes on the important topics such as Indian penal code and the Acts. These topics are filled with many dates and important dates and thus they can try and cover these in the starting days. Also, you’d understand how to prepare for AP PGLCET 2019 when you will have a proper study timetable set up. Make sure you take a healthy diet and slot easy topics towards the end of the day.


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